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  • Nearly 100% Potency and Purity
  • Easy to Swallow, No Fish Odor
  • One dose = omega 3 content of 16 Krill Oil Softgels!
  • 100% Tested. Contaminant Free.


Three Month Supply
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Is your omega-3 Omax Pure?

"I've examined the available products and I am proud to endorse omax3 The Ultra-Pure Omega-3 Supplement. Omax-3 has the purity and concentration and balance of EPA and DHA that can help maximize omega-3 benefits."

Dr. Joseph Maroon
Neuro-Surgeon, Nutritional Expert, Tri-athlete, and author of the book "Fish Oil- The Natural Anti-Inflammatory"

"When it comes to purity and potency, omax3 is the clear choice."

Dr. Melina Jampolis
Nutrition Physician

Patented Formula to Maximize Omega-3 Benefits

Omax3® Ultra-Pure has been shown in clinical
studies to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and promote heart health.

People taking omax3 Ultra-Pure for 3 months as a part of a comprehensive diet program showed:

78% of people reduced overall cholesterol by 13%!*
73% reduced triglycerides by 31%!*
71% reduced LDL by 11%*
Importantly, Omax3 had no impact on raising LDL!*
* Lipid levels already within normal range.

Omax3 was designed to maximize the Inflammation resolving support provided by Omega-3 fatty acids

In fact, a study conducted by physicians affiliated with Yale University, has shown that
omax3 Ultra-Pure promotes proper inflammatory responses better than other
omega-3 supplements.

Do I get enough omega-3s from my diet?

Probably not. Two omega-3 essential fatty acids called EPA and DHA are found in fish and have been shown to promote a healthy heart.

According to a study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, only 25% of the US population gets any EPA or DHA from their daily diet.


Highest Quality Omega-3
Free of Contaminants

Ultra-Pure™ The Freezer Test®*
purest fish oils available

Take the challenge:

  • 1
    Low purity omega-3 supplements in the freezer for 24 hours will look white and cloudy, revealing saturated fats. Undesirable fats = impurities.
  • 2
    omax3 remains clear given its high purity unsaturated fatty acids.
  • *US Patent 7,869,010

Why is omega balance so important?

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have a role in regulating natural inflammatory responses.
Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation response within the body and omega-6 fatty acids
promote inflammation.

Early human diets were high in omega-3-rich content, leading toward a balanced (1:1) ratio in
omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately, the modern Western diet has tilted the scale
to a lopsided (1:15) omega-3 to omega-6 ratio.

Science strongly suggests that restoring the balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
can restore proper inflammatory responses within the body .

omega 3 superior to krill oil

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omega 6

All omega-3 supplements are not the same

Omax3 Ultra-Pure delivers more than
91% pure omega-3 content and greater value.

Some supplements may contain more than omega-3. And some of that "extra" content you could do without, such as saturated fats, including unwanted omega-6 fatty acids, and toxins like mercury, lead, and PCBs commonly found in fish. Omax3 Ultra-Pure attains exceptional purity through a double distillation process that eliminates these additional substances. All batches are 3rd party tested twice for quality assurance.



Three Month Supply
You Save $47.95




"I have had great success in my use of omax3 as it has allowed me to maintain my daily running schedule, which previously had become impossible.
I take a number of different products for overall joint health, but the omax3 product has had an unmistakable dramatic impact. A few years back, I tried
a lower quality omega-3 that I purchased at a drug store but it didn't have the same results. After returning to using omax3 the difference
in muscle recovery and overall joint health was amazing. I haven't stopped running or taking omax3 every day since."
D. Melton - Indiana

"I'm really impressed with OMAX3 product and am happy to offer a strong endorsement. The product works! I've had several surgeries on my knees
and have dealt with ongoing inflammation. I've been on the product for about 3 months and its remarkable how much better I feel. It's improved my
quality of life, I'm able to exercise regularly and play sports with my kids without having to go on the shelf for several days after."
Rick G., Pharmaceutical Industry Advertising Executive

"As a physician, I see that processed foods are causing people to suffer a variety of medical conditions related to inflammation. But, the
medications to control these cause stomach ulcers and heart disease. My patients want to live long and productive lives and are constantly asking
how to counteract the effects of the aging process. Daily intake of a pure and concentrated omega-3 fish oil provides the balance our bodies need
to counteract the inflammation. Omega-3 products need to be pure because of the risks of contamination from our oceans, like recent
radioactivity from Japan found in tuna caught off California. Concentration is key to getting a high dose of the active ingredients, DHA and
EPA, which decrease inflammation and are good for the brain and eyes. As a consumer, I take OMAX-3 because my colleagues at Yale
have created a pure and concentrated Omega-3 fish oil product that costs about a $1/day. In the long run, I know that I am doing the right thing for
me and my patients."
Martin Hasenfeld, MD FAAPMR

"My doctor was amazed with how fast my triglycerides dropped! She asked what I had done, and I told her I was taking OMAX3 daily."
Shelly T., Wall Street Analyst