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1 dose of Omax3 delivers a potent 1.5g of ultra-pure omega-3 in a unique formula shown in scientific research to support the body’s natural inflammation response See What’s Inside

Life on Omax3

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to supporting health from your head to your feet. Improving Heart Health, Improving Brain Function and Helping your body resolve Inflammation are just the start. Omax3 Ultra-Pure has been shown in clinical studies to help maintain healthy triglyceride levels, promote heart health, and promote proper inflammatory response.*



Improve Memory. Enhance Cognition. Increase Focus
Omega-3’s cognition benefits begin before birth, but don’t stop there. A diet rich in EPA and DHA can increase mental alertness and concentration levels at any age, but can also be shown to help slow the effects of normal age related memory loss and Increase resistance to stress and its impact on mood.* Learn More



Omax3 has been formulated to not adversely effect LDL Cholesterol

Omega-3’s are essential for lowering triglycerides safely, and help to reduce blood pressure. Omax3 lowers Triglycerides in patients with Blood Lipids already in Normal Range.* Learn More



Improve Muscle Recovery Time.
Omax3 is great for bodies in motion. Diets high in omega-3 have been shown to decrease joint stiffness, pain, and improve muscle recovery time. Omega-3s, like those found in Omax3, has been shown to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines in the body. Learn More

What people are saying

I have had great success in my use of OMAX3 as it has allowed me to maintain my daily running schedule, which previously had become impossible. I take a number of different products for overall joint health, but the OMAX3 product has had an unmistakable dramatic impact. D. Melton | Customer
I'm really impressed with omax3 product and am happy to offer a strong endorsement. The product works! I've had several surgeries on my knees and have dealt with ongoing inflammation. I've been on the product for about 3 months and its remarkable how much better I feel. It's improved my quality of life, I'm able to exercise regularly and play sports with my kids without having to go on the shelf for several days after.* Rick G. | Pharmaceutical Industry Advertising Executive
As a physician, I see that processed foods are causing people to suffer a variety of medical conditions related to inflammation. Daily intake of a pure and concentrated omega-3 fish oil provides the balance our bodies need to counteract the inflammation. Concentration is key to getting a high dose of the active ingredients, DHA and EPA, which decrease inflammation and are good for the brain and eyes. As a consumer, I take OMAX3 because it works for me. As a Doctor, I recommend OMAX3 because I know that I am doing the right thing for me and my patients.* Martin Hasenfeld | MD FAAPMR

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Certified for Sport

Omax3 has been independently verified and is safe to use for sport

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